• 31Aug

    The food battle I am fighting doesn’t start in the kitchen, the grocery store, the restaurant, or the secret hidden stash of goodies, my food battle picks its first fight in the battleground of my mind!

  • 30Aug

    After all these years of dieting, I am finally writing what I have learned.  You will be able to apply these principles on whatever diet you may be on.  This will work with Weight Watchers, South Beach, Sonoma, Zone, etc. or you can use the  real food you may already be consuming.  This is NOT the radical diets of starving your body trying to accomplish a temporary weight loss.  The pinciples outlined will be for the long term weight loss and/or management success!

  • 29Aug

    I think I have lost weight!  I say think because I don’t have a scale.  My clothes are my weight loss guide.  I am no longer uncomfortable in my jeans (the perfect diet accessory) and they are a true gauge of what I have been doing.  When I weighed on the scales I always tried to do it first thing in the morning, stripped down to my birthday suit, after going to the bathroom,  tweezing any stray eyebrows and then brushing my teeth to remove the weighty plaque to get the lowest number possible on that despicable scale.  Jeans don’t mind eyebrows or weighty teeth plaque:)

  • 28Aug

    Ok, you might have noticed I am not very computer savvy (plain blog, no pics) but I do know alot about dieting.  So if you can bear the plain blog I will be starting a “Dieting tips” in the next few days.  They are tips I am using or have used in the past.  So for today:  Calories do count!

  • 27Aug

    I am constantly amazed at all the “diet” news.  Am I the only one that has noticed that fat used to be enemy henceforth, everything became “lowfat.”   Then there is the lowly egg that became public enemy number one for containing way to much cholesterol.  Red meat became the villian of all villians.  AND the big news is some of the diets people are on may have killed them because they were eating the wrong stuff and should have been eating something else.  So what is right and wrong all depends on what the “experts” have decided for that day.   Now, it seems you need to consume the right fat, eggs are in style and organic red meat is acceptable.  So how do we know the diets they have us on now aren’t going cause more problems than prevent.

  • 26Aug

    I just came home from the gym…that is a good thing.  Now for the bad.  I have worked with a personal trainer in the past. She taught me that my “form” while exercising is the most important…if you do a thousand sit ups and don’t use proper form, you will be wasting your time plus be at risk for injury.  This applies not only to sit ups but every other exercise you do.  Well,my  advice today would concern the treadmill.  One lady  I heard slamming and slapping her feet down on the treadmill.  Kristine taught me to gently and quietly put my feet down.  If your are slamming and slapping your are putting undue strain on your feet and whole body.  Ask for help or slow down until you can quietly go about your walk or run.

  • 25Aug

    I am giving myself pep talks!  Reminding myself to make good choices.  Hmmm, does this count as schizophenia?  Hopefully not.  Just need the encouragement to stay out of the cookie jar!

  • 24Aug

    Aaaaagh!  There were enough calories in my weekend to last me for a month!  Not good.  But today is a new day and I will start fresh.  Just like with Jesus, ever point can be a point of a new beginning.

  • 22Aug

    I feel your diet pain:)  I am your dieting friend. I know how hard it is…

  • 21Aug

    I know the way I should eat but I don’t! UGH! It is like smoking, we know that it is bad for you but many still continue to puff away.  Isn’t it amazing that we know the right thing and choose not to do it.  How different our world would be if we chose to make good choices in ALL that we do…including our food choices.