• 20Aug

    Each and everyday I make choices in many different areas of my life.  Each of these choices can have a profound affect on my later choices.  If I make wise life choices, I reap those benefits by having a happier more peaceful life.  These same principles also work for food.  I can choose to fuel my body with good, healthy food or I can make the choice of foods with poor nutritional quality and quantity.   If I choose the later, there will be consequences to face for my poor food choices.  The diet industry so many times doesn’t make me responsible for my choices…it tries to blame the food.  My poor choices may come in the form of being overweight which then places me at a higher risk for a whole host of health problems.  I am fortunate to be able to make a choice…I now need to choose wisely.

  • 19Aug

    Well, let me be right up front…this new diet plan of attack is an extremely hard thing!  My goodness, why are all the foods I like loaded with calories!!!  Replacing cake and cookies with carrots and celery sounds good but the nitty gritty of choosing the later over the former is hard work!  So if your like me, you can rest assured your not alone if you hear the cookies calling your name while the carrot can’t get a word in!

  • 18Aug

    It all boils down to this…CALORIES!  In the past few months the diet world is finally coming full circle, back to counting calories.  I remember twenty years (maybe it was thirty, UGH) counting calories was the way to weight loss.  Then one new diet after another starting infiltrating our minds: low fat, low carb, vegetarian, exercise till you feel the burn, soup diets, fruit diets, liquid diets, cookie diets, all the diets the movie stars promote, etc. and when it is all said and done…you have to count calories!  So I am headed out today to buy a calorie counting book.  Do I really want to know how many calories I am really consuming…I am hoping my numbers don’t rival our national debt…

  • 17Aug

    Of course, I should have known!  Once you say you will change something, you will be tested to find out your commitment level.  I have failed on two counts.  My sixteen year old son made us a coconut cream pie (there was not one bit of  healthy in this pie!) and of course I ate my share ( you know how pies have uneven slices AND  you can’t leave it that way).  Now, lets top things off with my sweet daughter deciding to make Oatmeal Scotchies…I like both the dough and the finished product.  UGH!  So I have a choice, I can ditch my diet after falling off the wagon or get back in the proverbial saddle and move on!  I will choose this moment to get back in the saddle and know I will always be tested and faced with diet attackers.  Sitting on the sidelines isn’t an option.

  • 16Aug

    If you must diet and exercise…do it with friends.  Donna H.

  • 15Aug

    Since I am plain, ordinary, busy Mom with a hubby, three kids, care of my elderly Mother, a small business and a very demanding cat, my exercise goal is 5 days a week of 20-30 minutes  cardio with 15-20 minutes of weight bearing exercise plus stretching…seems a bit ambitious but I am somewhat already in this schedule.  I have found getting up before the rest of the clan and  exercising is best for me….no one needs me at 5:30 in the morning!  Well, I take that back, the adorable, wonderful, pain in the neck cat does!  But I can hand him a treat and all is well in his world.

  • 14Aug

    No, not the goal post on a football field, this is my diet goal that I am posting.  I have been thinking through what I want from my diet and exercise.  That would include a healthier diet with more fruits and veggies and an exercise schedule that fits me.  I have developed my  course of action from the multitude of books and videos that I have read or seen over the past twenty years.   My goal would be to provide my family of five a healthier meal plan and one that my kids can take into their own lives after leaving the nest.  That would include more veggies and fruit with less emphasis on meat.  It does plan for OCCASIONAL treats.  We have become accustomed to many treats of high fat, high calorie and little nutritional value for a long time. This will be a major change for us!!  Replacing cookies or cake with healthier choices will be a new frontier.  I hope to encourage my kids to find healthy meal recipes and GREAT desserts.  Of course, from my diet goal of healthier eating, I am counting on loosing a few pounds!  Tomorrow, I will post my  exercise goals………

  • 13Aug

    This is a novel idea!  EAT HALF YOUR NORMAL PORTION.   If you eat just half of what you normaly eat, i.e. half sandwich, half your piece of chicken, etc., the other half would be available to eat at the following meal or for a meal the next day.  This saves time, money and CALORIES!

  • 12Aug

    The problem with most diets is there is a start and an end.  The first problem you encounter is actually starting the diet.  It looks and sounds alot easier on paper than it really is.  But for the sake of this paragraph, lets assume you did follow “the diet” you will have now arrived at  the other problem.   What do you do when your diet ends?  The most common scenario is the diet spiral…start diet, loose weight during diet, end diet, go back to the way you ate before diet and gain back  the weight you lost (and probably more.)  AND repeat cycle, again, and again…  Of course, I’m speaking only from my past experience!

  • 11Aug

    Food cannot:

    1. cure loneliness

    2. remove anxiety or worry

    3. heal a broken heart

    4. prevent or stop anger

    5. fix a marriage

    6. repair relationships

    7. find a job (unless you are  a chef:)

    8. find the perfect mate

    9, 10, ….fill in the blanks with whatever your emotions or circumstances are…unless you are starved, food cannot fix it!