• 30Sep

    Is there anything out there that taste better than chocolate cake?  Well, yes, I know there is, I mean I do realize there are chocolate chip cookies, brownies, hot fudge ice cream sundaes and a million other “chocolate” yummies!  At the moment though, I have a chocolate cake sitting on my kitchen counter and I don’t have any of the other chocolate goodies.  Now every time I walk in the kitchen that cake is looking at me and calling my name.  What’s a girl to do?  Fortunately, we have had a few teenage boys in the house that have taken control of that unruly cake!  As I work towards new and healthier eating habits, testing of my new habits is to be expected.  Learning to have a very small piece is better for me than to completely deny myself. You do have to learn if you can have just small piece and be satisfied, of if you are someone who once starts eating…you just keep going until the whole cake is gone.  Learn what works for you.  Dieting is not just about eating right today, it is about making good choices that you can live with the rest of  your life.  In my overall picture I know I wouldn’t want to leave chocolate cake out of my life so I will be happy with a very small piece…it is one small step for me…

  • 29Sep

    I will state the obvious…stop eating.  Don’t continue to gorge yourself  just because you messed up.  This is not an excuse to have eating pity party.   Pick your self up, dust yourself off, and at the next meal or snack, stay the course!  Don’t wait until the following day or next week to get back on track…do it now and stay the course!

  • 28Sep

    If I am just sitting around hoping my food habits are going to change and not doing something to change…nothing will change.  Dieting (and exercise) take effort on my part.  It takes effort to make good food choices  (fruits, veggies) over eating the quick and easy (think donuts, chips, cookies, candy.)  Over time though, if you persist, your rewards will equal your efforts!  In other words, if you put in the effort, the rewards will come.  This can be true in all of life and not just dieting…

  • 27Sep

    No, this is not about the show!  This is about how America “idolizes” food and dieting!   We worship at the food trough!  We have a love affair with food and it shows on our hips (not to mention the tummy, thighs and our unhealthy bodies.)  We want our food to be artfully prepared, taste exquisite, look lovely on the beautifully prepared table…we want it all!!!  Stop the madness!  Don’t worship your food…it can’t save you!!  Eat a small amount and be thankful for what you have had!

  • 26Sep

    Wouldn’t it be great if calories had the weekend off?   You wake up Saturday morning and head out to coffee with half and half and a couple of donuts, lunch could be a sandwich WITH chips followed by some cookies and dinner could be cheesecake followed by a chicken friend steak!  Wow, am I dreaming.  Not only did I not want calories, I obviously was hoping the fat was also on holiday.  Since, the above is not reality 🙁 we need another option.  I find there is not really any foods I want to completely give up (although I will voluntarily give up LIVER.)  How about sharing?  Yes, instead of eating the whole thing myself, I can split.  My hubby and two of our kids went for pizza.  Pizza is a natural share (I held myself to one piece), hubs and I shared a wonderful salad and to top things off, the four of us had a piece of  Carmel Apple Cheesecake!  Yum.  When four people share one slice of cheesecake, we each had a couple of heavenly bites but didn’t send my calorie count through the roof!  I am learning to savor a few bites!

  • 25Sep

    Thursday afternoon!   Wooooohooooo!  It is my one afternoon that I have around two hours to just stroll through stores by myself (yes, that means hubby and kids are occupied).  Normally, it is fun to just wander and go to the stores I want to go to…..you know, antique stores, junky stores, cutesy stores or the bookstore!  All are fun to meander aimlessly through.  BUT yesterday every store I went into was offering FREE FOOD!  My goodness, I didn’t know I was stepping into a danger zone.  I am not talking about carrots and celery, I am talking monster sugar cookies. chocolate covered cherries, chocolate chip cookies and free pretzels.  I wish I could say I resisted their advances but there was just to many of them….the giant sugar cookie won!  I must reorganize and set up a new battle plan for sneak attacks from the enemy…….because what “free food” really means is the food is free to go to my hips, tummy or thighs….Ugh.  Hope your battle plans are holding!

  • 24Sep

    Stress is a part of life!  This generation acts if stress were a new phenomenon but the truth be told, stress showed up shortly after we humans were put here on earth.  Since this is a website about dieting and food, I will be using the food example.  We don’t have to hunt (nothing like trying to get a full grown buffalo onto your plate), grow (did I mention weather can play a factor into whether I have food or NOT), or gather (getting the  garden to my table would be easier if  the “neighbors” would stop invading and trying to kill me) our food like our ancestors did.  To fill our refrigerator we drive (that can be  an adventure in itself), go into the store (where we are met with millions of choices and decisions, organic?, skim?, no fat or low fat?, trans fat? the lists could go on forever), find a way to pay for our goodies (yikes, now there is a stessor), deal with the cashier (that just decided she was ready to go home), and then you get to do the drive thing back to home (boy, there are some rude drivers out there).  So you can see that both instances had stress!  Yes, stress has been around for quite some time and will continue to be as long as we are alive. Our decision on how to handle the stress is up to us.  Food cannot save us from stress even if it is labeled “comfort food.”  It is a very temporary fix and we need another fix rather quickly.

  • 23Sep

    Oops, sorry I am late posting.  There is so much going through my small mind.  How many times do you go to eat when you really aren’t hungry?  I find it is so easy to just graze my way through the day.  Then I wonder where that bag of cookies went!  Yikes they are sitting on my hips……  Please choose wisely and only if you are hungry:-)

  • 22Sep

    Oh, that’s right, THAT  is the diet I have been on!  That is why I have gained weight!  Our society is an indulgent one.  We naturally want more of everything…money,  love, time off, respect, cars, houses, vacation time, clothes  and yes, food. Since this site is about dieting, let’s talk about food!  In the food department we want one more serving,  free refills, two for one, supersize,  megasize, jumbosize and curly fries (how did that get in.)  All this leads to our larger size body!!!!!  Let’s stop this  indulge till you bulge.  It is ok to have a small drink, it is ok to have a small plate of food,  it is ok to not have a refill, it is ok to say “no thank you I don’t need more,”  and it is ok to say no to your self!  In fact, if you want to be different, say no to your selfish desire for more…….

  • 21Sep

    Ok, I have a what if.  What if I could help you loose weight AND feed a hungry child…would you be interested?  Most diets focus on us, we could focus on them (hungry children.)  What if we started focusing on helping to feed them instead of feeding our expanding tummy!  My hubby and I  support an organization that helps feed families around the world but in these economic times, giving is down.  Instead of one person trying to come up with the 30-40 dollars a month to feed a child, what if we could each contribute just a small amount?  I would love to help you with loosing weight and you could help me, too.  We could be diet buddies that help each other and also be focused on something bigger than just ourselves!  I will work on getting more info up in the coming days…..