• 20Sep

    After yesterday’s post about overeating, I have made a conscious effort to reduce my food intake.  This includes Cheetos!  Oh, those cheesy little puffs that just melt in your mouth.  Ok, they are definitely not a healthy choice but instead of eating an entire bag, I ate five.  Yes, at this moment I am counting them out, so I am aware of what’s going in.   I realize giving up food I like is not a long term, sustainable diet.  If it is going to become part of my lifestyle I need to include  small portions of the food I like…now that’s a diet I can live with:)

  • 19Sep

    I don’t know about you but I usually don’t think about the stress overeating causes to my body.  Overeating makes extra work on all my organs…all my organs  work alot of overtime to process my lack of self control.  If it was only on Christmas or Thanksgiving that I overeat, it probably wouldn’t be a big deal.  The problem is eating to much on a daily basis.  Not only does being overweight place a large (no pun intended) burden on my body but overeating puts  another burden on my already overworked and stressed organs.  Being overweight is a stress and then adding insult to injury I top if off by overeating!  If we had all that extra work placed on us at our place of physical work, we would kick, scream and fight and possibly quit.  Out bodies work hard to try to accommodate all the extra food we shovel in and then we wonder why we have rampant diseases of our heart, stomach, intestine, etc. and why our bodies sometimes just quit.  Could  it be that my organs and body need a vacation?  A vacation from overeating and replacing the large meals with small, nourishing meals to let my body rest internally as well as externally.

  • 18Sep

    Jello, cottage cheese, muffin tops, rump roast…things I don’t mind seeing in a buffet line BUT I don’t want to see on my body!  Yikes.

  • 17Sep

    Let’s look at my food.  They have taken out the fat, the sugar has been removed, trans fat is no more, calories have been cut by the addition of air to pump up the volume,  the portions are so small you need a microscope to find your morsel and since they don’t think I can count, they measure it out in 100 calorie packs.  After they have done all this”doctoring” to make my food healthier….would I be better off eating the box or bag my food came in?  I would be able to pack in some fiber and not  have to think about fat, sugar or quantity.  Plus, the taste of the food in the box is probably about the same as the actual box!  It would be diet recycling to the max!

  • 16Sep

    Does anyone read my blog about dieting?  I really think I should move over to a “home decorating” blog.   I just love reading all those wonderful home blogs but then again diets and dieting are near and dear to my heart, too!  I have NOT been eating right the past few days.  I have been eating good, you know, good cookies, good chip and dip!   UGH.  This 49 year old has real cravings for junk!  I know if I would quit eating the junk for a short time, the cravings would go away.   Thank you for coming to my dieting friend site to hang out.  Hope your dieting day has gone better than mine!  Tomorrow is a new day and I will get back on the proverbial “wagon.”

  • 15Sep

    My mind is racing  again after seeing Julie and Julia!  As I mentioned in the last post, I am amazed Julia and Paul lived so long eating all the food they ate!  I shouldn’t be surprised.  My own Grandma lived to be 94.  She lived in her home until two days before she died.  She was never overweight and she ate butter, real eggs with the yolks, heavy cream and her homemade pies!  She worked hard in her garden and yard.  Most of her garden produce was canned or shared with her family or other 90 year old friends (although most of them had their own garden!)  I never did see my Grandma overeat even with the bounty she prepared!  She ate the good stuff but in small amounts!  Hmmmm

  • 14Sep

    Ok, I have just now seen Julie and Julia for the second time.  I really like the movie but I have questions.  We are told to limit our fat intake, beef intake, butter intake, etc.  How did Julia and Paul live into their 90’s eating all that “wrong” food?  You know butter, eggs, duck beef, etc.   Most important, they were happy eating and enjoying all that glorious food!!!!  I don’t think Julia Child would like many of the “diets” out there!   She wanted us servantless Americans to learn how to cook.  If I am going to cook, it would only make sense,  I am going to eat it!

  • 13Sep

    I think about this blog so often.  I know it sounds ridiculous but  I really like having a place to come and “talk out” my dieting frustrations.  It helps me sort out my thoughts and keep moving on.  This is my online home.  I hope if you visit you feel welcome and want to come back.  I’m glad you’re here:)  Maybe as I muddle through I will be able to encourage others on their diet journey…

  • 12Sep

    When you boil it all down there are really only two diets.  The easy diet and the hard diet.  The easy diet is the one I am on when I eat whatever, whenever and however I want.  It means at two in the morning I go to the kitchen and eat leftover cake, pie or cookies.  It means I eat more than I need at meals, goodness those mashed potatoes and gravy with one more buttered biscuit are sure tasty.  It also means I eat because of boredom, loneliness, worry, stress or host of other concerns.  It takes no thought or action on my behalf,  I don’t have to change.

    The hard diet takes work!  I need to plan, choose wisely, stay motivated, think long term and be on guard to change my past bad eating habits.  The hard diet is the road less traveled.  Only I can make that choice of which I follow!

  • 11Sep

    I have noticed that most snack foods are easily eaten without a fork or spoon.  These foods are easy to pop in my mouth and I hardly know I have eaten  a thing!  So not only have I eaten junk, I am unaware of what I just did.  Interestingly, many of these  snack foods are  also lacking in the nutrition department, too.  Cookies, chips, crackers, ice cream sandwiches, frozen treats, drive thru burgers, fries, sodas, etc. are some of the culprits that can take a toll on my diet success. They can become diet saboteurs!   Once again I need to use my mind to become aware of what I am eating!  Mind over matter, with the matter being junk food that hinders weight loss.