• 31Oct

    This is just a little recap of the South Beach Supercharged that I did a few weeks ago.  This is my personal opinion, so take it as such, as I have two friends who used this diet with great results.  What I liked about the diet was some of the recipes (this was a love/hate relationship) stretched me out of my usual fare and had me trying new things.  I like the diet has snacks planned in and I like the exercise program he has created for this diet…not to hard but gets you out there movin’ the mass!   Now what I didn’t like.  The diet had some unusual recipes that my family wouldn’t touch if it was drenched in chocolate!  I also found that buying for five people could be somewhat expensive on some of the items.  Yes, I know he says you are buying quality food and not junk but it still adds up.  I would say I spent around an extra ten dollars per person per week…doesn’t sound like alot but over the months it would add up.  Also, I told you I personally don’t use artificial sugar substitutes and this diet relies heavily on them from diet drinks to meal prep to almost all desserts.  Uh, I think  you already know I was tired of eggs after the first week and I missed bread.  Overall, I think the South Beach is a good diet and really encourages you to stay off the carb/sugar  wagon that can wreck havoc with your blood sugar and the exercise program should be doable for most.

  • 30Oct

    It’s Halloween!!!  There is candy everywhere!!!!  UGH.  I have only succumbed once while I was shopping…a small tootsie roll!  For me, the Isagenix does not have me always eating something and that seems to help me with not continuing to eat and eat and eat…it seems once my mouth gets started, it doesn’t want to stop.  Just sayin…But having all the yummy, small Halloween candy at every corner is a real temptation….I wonder if we passed out veggies sticks if we could still have Halloween….yeh right!

  • 28Oct

    I am enjoying the ease of the Isagenix program!  I am still able to make my family a regular meal and then I have my shake or cleanse when they sit down for the meal.  I know this program is not for everyone but it is simple and easy to follow.   I have had several people ask ask about what happens when you finish.  Obviously, I haven’t finished the 9 day plan this time but I can tell you about last time.  Isagenix encourages fruits and veggies as optional snack choices and they can be added to the shakes (you do need to remember  the fruit does add calories).  I found when I had finished the program my desire for  sugar and starches was almost gone…and if you know me that is huge!!!!  My body actually craved fruits, veggies and peanut butter (hmmm).  I had lost 9 lbs and kept it off for over a year.  My big mistake was slowly letting so much junk food creep back in…and this hormone thing!  Just looking at a picture of Paula Deen yummies puts a couple of pounds on me!  So I am hoping my love of all things sugar will be diminished this time as well…as I would like to loose my 10 lbs of sugar…

  • 26Oct

    Well, here’s the scoop on Isagenix….and you will have an actual scoop in your Isagenix shake powder!   You can check out Isagenix at www.Isagenix.com but I will give you a little run down.  I did well on this program a few years ago and I think it is because I can cook regular meals for my family and I am able to use the shakes as a meal replacement for myself.  How much that goes into my mouth is already determined with the shakes!!!  Lunches are easy for me because I am happy with a salad or half a sandwich….hence, a sensible meal.  There are many other shakes on the market for diet and meal replacement but I have only used Isagenix so that is what I am familiar with.  The 9 day plan is simple: shake for breakfast, sensible lunch and shake for dinner.  They have little wafers that you take with each meal and as a snack in between meals…uh, they call them snacks but they are really just little wafers that I would NOT call a snack.  They are something for your mouth, though.  Four days of the nine day program are for cleansing.  Cleansing on Isagenix is drinking a liquid drink they have made just for cleansing.  On your cleanse days that is what you drink at each meal along with one of those wafer things….the purpose of the cleanse is not to starve yourself but to help your body cleanse itself.  As hard as it is,  the  two days at the beginning and two days at the end….I do feel better after cleansing.  Maybe it is the break my body gets from digesting all the food I eat.  They have two programs: a 9 day and a 30 day program.  I have only done the 9 day and am not familiar with the 30.  This is only the second day and I feel better already…it is amazing how much better I feel when I am not overeating!  On a side not I am still working on my wrap up of the South Beach Supercharged…

  • 25Oct

    A new day, a new diet!  I will give my wrap up of my thoughts on the South Beach Supercharged in the next few days BUT today is the start of a new diet!  This one was picked in a less than scientific way…I have used this product before and know it works for me…someone who is now in hormone raging, mood swinging, unseasonably warm, everythings’ a changin’, bulges in new body locations….and it has a name that would be more appropriate for MEN!  Yes, it is that time, perimenopause!  Now, I know I said I wouldn’t be doing any fad diets and this may appear as one when you first hear about it.  It is called Isagenix.  I used it four years ago with great results.  Great results for me are weight loss 🙂 and the urge to eat all junk food in sight was gone!  I felt incredibly good at that point, too.  At this point, my hormones are raging far more than four years ago and I just like to see if Isagenix helps.  I’ll give you the run down of this tomorrow…

  • 23Oct

    Day 13 of my  captivity…oops, of course I mean day 13 of the lovely, tasty South Beach.  Well, let’s cut to the chase.  I am ready to move on to another diet.  I guess I am just way to plain Jane for all the fancy foods on this diet, it must be my midwest roots.  I will stick this out until Sunday but am anxiously awaiting our next diet adventure….you can be sure I will be checking to see if  bread and fruit are on the menu from day 1!!!  Also, since I am not a big fan of artificial sugar and half of the South Beach is artificial sugar…I will be looking much closer at the menus!  I am working on a chart to break down each of the diets I use.  Just for everyone (or the one person who reads my blog) I do have a friend who has used to the South Beach Diet with great success but she doesn’t like bread to begin with (which is great when we are out to dinner, as I am more than happy to eat her share:)

  • 22Oct

    This Phase 2 is much better for me!!!!  There is alot more variety and having a little bread make me a happy camper!  I was at the grocery store and of course I was confronted by the maple frosted donuts….I realize they will always be a favorite of mine.  Fortunately I had enough smarts about me to stay as far away from them as I possibly could…you know how the dastardly little donuts can jump right out of the case into your hands…well I didn’t let them have a chance!!  Well, if the truth be told, there was a little girl picking out her donut and I would have had to shove her out of the way to get mine….I should have bought her donut because she kept me from eating my way through the donut case!  I should pay her to go to the store with me and stand in front of the case…

  • 20Oct

    Aaahhhh!  I didn’t know oatmeal could taste soooo goood!  Yes, I was able to have oatmeal for breakfast because I started Phase 2 of the SBS.  Yes, I only did Phase 1 for one week but I want to be able to give you a better view of the overall diet.  Since I am trying each diet for two weeks, I decided to move on to the second phase.  Dr. Agatston states  you either love Phase 1 or you hate it…I wouldn’t say I hate it but I am really tired of eggs!  The addition of a little bread and fruit in Phase 2  today has been a huge bonus!  Of course it doesn’t appear that my favorite breakfast food will ever be added to the book – frosted maple donuts!  YUM YUM Life without donuts….what’s your weakness?

  • 19Oct

    I feel better today after  I recovered from the little altercation with the chips.  I am really tired of eggs!  Before anyone thinks I don’t like eggs…I do…I am just on egg overload.  They are staple on the breakfast menu in the SBS.  Yes, they try to dish them up many different ways BUT they are still eggs. I am looking ahead today to see if in Phase Two I can add some new breakfast goodies.  The eggs have been good on the fight against morning munchie madness.   I am enjoying the exercise program with this diet.  I like the combo of cardio and core strengthening.

  • 18Oct

    I completely blew it!  It was not even a moment of being willpowerlessness!  I sat down with my kids to watch “I Love Lucy” and picked up a bag of chips they had been eating. I was blindsided by a bag of rogue salt and vinegar chips!!!  I DIDN’T even think and just started eating the chips!!!  Aaaaagh!  Not having any processed/refined food for this past week, I can feel the difference this morning!  The additional salt has me retaining water, my rings are tight and my face is puffy.  Now a week ago I would not have noticed what this “food group” was doing to me BUT after not eating salty chips for six days…I see the effect of those rogue chips!!!!  I was really worried what would happen on the scale this morning but I still lost two pounds(^v^v^v^v^v^ this is jumping up and down on a computer)…maybe it will be more after I get rid of some of the bloat from the salt…we’ll see!   I will  be much more careful in my “senior moments” with rogue food attacks…