• 16Oct

    Pants are feeling looser but I haven’t stepped on the scales.  I weighed on Sunday and will weigh again on this coming Sunday.  I have heard  the whole gamut of weigh once a week, weigh daily and don’t weigh yourself.  For the sake of  collecting information on the different diets and how effective they are/were for me, I will weigh once a week.  The cravings for all the “good foods” (donuts, chips, cookies, cakes) is really diminished but I don’t find myself longing for a cucumber yet!

  • 15Oct

    Yes, it is getting easier!!!!  My extreme cravings for sugar and junk food are not so extreme!  Woooohoooo!!!  The exercise program that accompanies the SBS diet is not to difficult and is not a big time consumer.  The exercise program usually takes me about 40-45 min.  That is quite doable.  All in all the diet is getting a little bit easier, although I still adapt meals to my family.  Next week two of my kids will be with their grandparents and while they are gone I will do more of the fish recipes!!  Today is my afternoon to wander around…it has also been a time for me to indulge while the kids are in a homeschool class!  My indulgence today will have to be a Chick Fil A iced tea…it is always on my fav list!!!  Unsweetened of course!!!  See you tomorrow.

  • 14Oct

    UGH, this diet is a littler harder than I thought…well, I guess ALL diets are harder when you actually do them!!!  HA.  I am having problems with the artificial sugar substitutes…I don’t use  them.  This is just my personal preference, plus I don’t like the taste!  In the “Beach” diet regular sugar is pretty much banned and sugar substitutes are the norm. As I have been reading ahead, I have not found regular sugar to be re-introduced in this diet.  This does make sense, since we are working on controlling our blood sugar.  Dr. Agatston believes if your blood sugar is stable then you will have fewer cravings and blood sugar drops.  I do find I feel better and am sleeping better!!!! 🙂  I have slipped off the dock, (my Beach term for falling off the wagon) I HAD a small piece of apple (they are sooo good this time of year) and five dark chocolate covered almonds…I really miss sugar AND bread AND  donuts AND candy…I hoping at the end of this two weeks…these cravings are better..

  • 13Oct

    Well, after the waffle incidence, I have been on track with the “Beach.”  I have substituted a few different veggies for the ones that were recommended for ones my family likes but they were still on the approved list.  I did the 20 minutes of cardio that were in the program.  All in all, I like the “Beach” but I am really missing bread.  Since I am only doing this for two weeks…I will miss out on adding bread back into my meal plan.  UGH.  Although, if things are going well, say I’m losing weight, I may consider doing another two weeks. 🙂  Like I said about this diet before, I am adapting the meals to my family’s taste by using the approved foods listed in the book.  I think his meal plans are definitely geared toward adult taste or kids who have “refined dining” tastes…I have not taken bread out of my kids meals…I’m looking forward to sharing with you tomorrow..

  • 12Oct

    A cat with a blog…our cat Jack has his travel blog up and running.  Please visit him at www.jackthetravelingcat.com.

  • 11Oct

    Oh, dear!  I forgot about our traditional waffle Sunday!  Every Sunday we have waffles.  It is our family tradition!  We like making waffles because  it can be just our family or we can have 20 people.  But this doesn’t fit well into the “Beach” diet…in fact I don’t think it would fit in any diet!  I was doing quite well with the diet until this!  Our waffles are heavenly.  In fact they are so good, I’m going to include my recipe…just know this is not a South Beach Diet recipe, it is from Donna’s family recipe file…but if you’re looking for taste…these fit the bill.

    Donna’s Rich Basic Waffles a.k.a. Dieters Nightmare Waffles

    4 eggs (beat until fluffy)

    2 cups flour

    1 tsp. baking soda

    1 tsp. baking powder

    2 cups buttermilk

    1 cup melted butter

    salt to taste

    Sift together flour, salt, baking soda and baking powder.   Alternate adding dry ingredients and buttermilk to beaten eggs, beginning and ending with the flour mixture.  Add melted butter and salt mix thoroughly.  Bake in preheated waffle iron.  Makes 4 4-piece waffles.  Serve with real maple syrup.

    There you have it…the dieters nightmare waffles

  • 10Oct

    We are off and running with the South Beach Supercharged diet!  So far so good but I have a small concern with how well the food choices will be received by some of the family members.  Namely, my kiddos have some aversions to some of the recommended food choices…we won’t go into all they don’t like!  With that being said, I realize that any diet I do needs to be family friendly.  This means meals that we ALL can eat, as I am not into preparing several different meals at each meal.  UGH!  Plus I am hoping to benefit the whole family by learning to choose wisely when we eat…you know lifetime patterns. So we might be tweaking a few of the diet menus or replacing them with a meal from another day….

  • 09Oct

    We  need a cinnamon roll!  Oops, I mean we need a drum roll!  The winner of our scientific diet contest is “The South Beach Diet Supercharged” by Arthur Agatston.  My plan at the moment is to apply the dieting principles outlined in each book for two weeks.  I know two weeks is not a long time and if I find I need more time to give you a good review, I will let you know!  If after two weeks I haven’t seen results…I am probably going to move on to the next diet.  Yes, I am investing in a scale.  For those of you who have followed my blog you know my preferred method of weight measurement is my jeans!  If they feel tight I need to cut back…if they are loose, let’s go get a donut (just kidding.)  Today, I will be getting supplies ready for this two week diet trip.  Tomorrow we will begin the “Beach.”

  • 08Oct

    The process of reviewing the diet books has begun!  Wooohoooo!  The problem is which diet to start with!!!  I want to devote time to each diet to review it and that obviously takes time. (Although most of us are looking for the diet that we can loose 50 lbs. in two days:-)  Each of the books wants to be the ONE to get my first diet review.  Since, I do need to pick one, I will do it scientifically.   I will lay each of the diet books on the kitchen counter and while my son is study chemistry (science) I will have him close his eyes and pick a book…and the great scientific diet process works again!!!!   I will let you know the results of the highly secret, scientific diet book results tomorrow…

  • 07Oct

    The big diet news isn’t even about dieting!  Sorry.  Since I started blogging I decided I should take a writing course.  That task was accomplished yesterday (I wish I could loose weight just sitting in a classroom.)   I now have work to do in writing as well as reading diet books.  Yikes!  Please be patient as I start “working” with my new writing techniques.  Because I know you don’t come to this blog for writing advice but encouragement for dieting, I don’t won’t you to leave empty handed. 🙂  So diet tip of the day is a question to ask yourself, “Are you hungry when you eat?”    Many times I find I eat out of boredom, worry or just something to do.  Now that I am writing what I eat in a journal, I have noticed my habit of going to food  even when I am not hungry.  Writing it down has shown me that nasty habit.  Ah, writing and dieting what a combination…