• 19Nov

    Isagenix is the second diet review!  I am thinking I need to come up with some standard question and answer format but since I haven’t done that…we will proceed with what I got!!!!!  The Isagenix benefits are ease and simplicity (and you know I am all about simple).  The program is easy to follow because the only additional thing you prepare at breakfast and dinner is your shake, lunch is a salad or sandwich.  It is so nice to make my family a regular meal and not have to prepare another meal for myself!  So the big bonus is the simplicity.  Plus this diet leaves you feeling good!  The drawbacks for Isagenix are the taste of the Vanilla shake is horrible (personal opinion) and they recommend using a blender (not always handy or available).  I did order the Chocolate shake this time and I like it better than the vanilla.  For me, hunger was not an issue at all…but sometimes you just want to sink you teeth into some real food. The costs sounds like quite a bit (around $175 for two weeks) but it is is fairly inclusive, other than you lunches.  So when the cost is broken down on a per meal basis, it is reasonable for diet food!  All in all this diet is easy to follow, helps you get over cravings and encourages good choices after you end the program.  It does have some shake “taste” issues but that is a small price to pay for weight loss!

  • 17Nov

    So many of us long for a life that is simple but if we were offered that simple life would we take it?  Our to do list has become our secret idol and without it we are uncomfortable.  We don’t think we have control over all that goes on in our life but we often don’t take the time to see what we are putting into our life.  You know the old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.”  Maybe we need to stop and look at what is going in if we want to improve what is coming out.  Now, you might be wondering how this applies to dieting.  When we are so busy with everyday life, I find we eat out more (usually fast food), the choices that are in the kitchen are more than likely boxed, bagged and chemical laden tidbits and my mind is cluttered with my to do list instead of being able to concentrate on making a healthy meal.  We do have a choice with what goes on in our life and what we put into it.  So much of our time is spent on things that really don’t matter.  We would be better off with a simple, fresh meal on a plain table that can be accomplished daily instead of the fancy, schmancy food on a equally fancy, schmancy table…..the choice is yours.

  • 15Nov

    Loose 50 pounds in 2 days!!!   Wow, isn’t that what we all want?  You know instant gratification (almost) and no work to it.  The only problem with this would be all the weight you lost would be back a short time later (and probably more) because in two short days our eating and exercise habits will not have changed!!!  Real weight loss and fitness are the result of time and effort not a magic pill.  It is better to get you mind in the right frame and proceed on a slow and steady program…more like the rabbit and turtle story.

  • 13Nov

    Ah, such is life!  The best laid plans of mice and men is subject to change!  Yes, I have had an intestinal bug this week and have not been following any diet!  I take that back, I have been using the BRAT diet, the one you use when your kids are sick. Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.  I haven’t eaten much…so I haven’t regained any weight…just haven’t started anything else!  Hopefully, today will be a new day and I can get back on track!

  • 11Nov

    I just read an article that overeating is now officially an addiction!  Well, HMMMM!  I mean what rocket scientist did it take to figure that out!  Everything in our lives now has us being an addict or a victim…which places the blame on something that is out of your control.  Well, my personal belief is that is not so. What you do with information is up to you.  You can wallow in your subcutaneous fat layer, eat a box of donuts, sit it front of the TV with a bowl of ice cream OR be proactive and decide you don’t have to be an “food victim addict.”  Get up off your rusty dusty and take stock of what great things are in your life!  You do have a choice and the first one to make is don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking you are a victim or addict and can’t help being fat.  You do have a choice in this!

  • 09Nov

    Oh, the weekend!  For some it is probably easier to diet on the weekends, for others (myself included) the weekend is much harder to stay the course.  Having invited friends over  this weekend is great….you know food, fun and fellowship.   The downside is sticking with my diet.  When you invite people in to your home it would seem like an easy task to fix a diet friendly meal…yea, right!  I made a cake that I am in complete submission too!  The icing on this cake can conquer my female willpower even on my strongest of willpower days!  Do you have any of those “diet destroyers” in your house?  Of course, the “evil” cake has met its doom or in reality, that would be it has met my doomed derriere!  So for the next day or two, I am going to stay with Isagenix.  I have already picked a new diet to follow and will introduce it to you tomorrow.  So with it being Monday, let’s start fresh and  get back into the Battle of the Bulges (yes, that is plural because bulges don’t happen in just one body location)

  • 07Nov

    When you pick up  hamburger do you think about how much it weighs?  Probably not and I usually don’t but today was different.  I  was at Costco and of course everything you buy there is in a bulk package.  I picked up a package of their lean ground meat and looked at the weight label.  It was just a little over five pounds…that is how much I have lost using Isagenix!  When I saw how much meat was in the package and I pictured that plastered all over my body, well really just my stomach and rear end, and I really wasn’t thinking of the meat plastered on me but the lumpy, bumpy, squishy fat that I have lost!  When you have a visual of the weight you have lost, it is really eye opening!  Next time you are out and about looking at ground meat, pick up one pound, two pounds, three pounds, etc…you can really start seeing what you are “packing around” on you body!!!

  • 06Nov

    I’m just plugging away on the Isagenix.  Yesterday and today I have been cleansing.  The Isagenix cleanse is a liquid drink that you drink four times a day along with an Isa snack and an Accelerator pill.  They have now come out with a powdered form of the liquid that makes it easy to take with you.  All you do is add water (unlike Kool Aid where you also get to add SUGAR).  In a way it is hard for me and in a way it is easy.  The hard part is not chewing and the easy part is no preparation needed. I feel good today, almost like my body has enjoyed a break from digesting food….Hmmmm.  You definitely wouldn’t want to cleanse on a day that would require heavy physical exertion as you just don’t have the caloric backup…but then again maybe it would suck off some of those pounds!!!!!!  I am looking forward to the shakes and lunch tomorrow:)

  • 04Nov

    My goodness, it seems like so much of my life revolves around FOOD. When we get together with friends, when we get together with family, when we are out shopping, when we are playing games, when we are watching TV (duh), etc. etc. everyone wants to know where we are going to eat, or what we are going to have and of course, what time are we going to eat!!!    I know it is fun to get together and share calories but is there anything else you can do?  Why does it always have to revolve around food?  This is written more out of frustration than anything….UGH.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love to eat and share a meal or snack with others BUT when you are trying to loose weight, I guess it just becomes a glaring reality of how much our lives are focused on food.  AND now for the worst part…I am not offering solutions (wish I was)  just a sympathetic  ear with a dose of understanding on the difficulties in our dieting day.  🙂

  • 02Nov

    The Isagenix program continues to work well for me!  Yesterday was a bit of a stretch…we celebrated Thanksgiving!  We have family in town who will not be here on the actual date….so needless to say yesterday was completely off!  Well, I started the day with a shake but of course the afternoon dinner was all about the food!!  Oh, it was good.  Thanksgiving food is always the best!  I am thankful I live in a country where (at the moment) we have a holiday to remind us to be thankful.  We shouldn’t have to have a holiday to remind us but should try to remember each and every day to be thankful for the incredible abundances we have!  Any way as far as the diet, it will be back to the program today!