• 06Nov

    I’m just plugging away on the Isagenix.  Yesterday and today I have been cleansing.  The Isagenix cleanse is a liquid drink that you drink four times a day along with an Isa snack and an Accelerator pill.  They have now come out with a powdered form of the liquid that makes it easy to take with you.  All you do is add water (unlike Kool Aid where you also get to add SUGAR).  In a way it is hard for me and in a way it is easy.  The hard part is not chewing and the easy part is no preparation needed. I feel good today, almost like my body has enjoyed a break from digesting food….Hmmmm.  You definitely wouldn’t want to cleanse on a day that would require heavy physical exertion as you just don’t have the caloric backup…but then again maybe it would suck off some of those pounds!!!!!!  I am looking forward to the shakes and lunch tomorrow:)

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