• 17Nov

    So many of us long for a life that is simple but if we were offered that simple life would we take it?  Our to do list has become our secret idol and without it we are uncomfortable.  We don’t think we have control over all that goes on in our life but we often don’t take the time to see what we are putting into our life.  You know the old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.”  Maybe we need to stop and look at what is going in if we want to improve what is coming out.  Now, you might be wondering how this applies to dieting.  When we are so busy with everyday life, I find we eat out more (usually fast food), the choices that are in the kitchen are more than likely boxed, bagged and chemical laden tidbits and my mind is cluttered with my to do list instead of being able to concentrate on making a healthy meal.  We do have a choice with what goes on in our life and what we put into it.  So much of our time is spent on things that really don’t matter.  We would be better off with a simple, fresh meal on a plain table that can be accomplished daily instead of the fancy, schmancy food on a equally fancy, schmancy table…..the choice is yours.

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