• 11Nov

    I just read an article that overeating is now officially an addiction!  Well, HMMMM!  I mean what rocket scientist did it take to figure that out!  Everything in our lives now has us being an addict or a victim…which places the blame on something that is out of your control.  Well, my personal belief is that is not so. What you do with information is up to you.  You can wallow in your subcutaneous fat layer, eat a box of donuts, sit it front of the TV with a bowl of ice cream OR be proactive and decide you don’t have to be an “food victim addict.”  Get up off your rusty dusty and take stock of what great things are in your life!  You do have a choice and the first one to make is don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking you are a victim or addict and can’t help being fat.  You do have a choice in this!

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