• 18Oct

    I completely blew it!  It was not even a moment of being willpowerlessness!  I sat down with my kids to watch “I Love Lucy” and picked up a bag of chips they had been eating. I was blindsided by a bag of rogue salt and vinegar chips!!!  I DIDN’T even think and just started eating the chips!!!  Aaaaagh!  Not having any processed/refined food for this past week, I can feel the difference this morning!  The additional salt has me retaining water, my rings are tight and my face is puffy.  Now a week ago I would not have noticed what this “food group” was doing to me BUT after not eating salty chips for six days…I see the effect of those rogue chips!!!!  I was really worried what would happen on the scale this morning but I still lost two pounds(^v^v^v^v^v^ this is jumping up and down on a computer)…maybe it will be more after I get rid of some of the bloat from the salt…we’ll see!   I will  be much more careful in my “senior moments” with rogue food attacks…

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