• 30Sep

    Is there anything out there that taste better than chocolate cake?  Well, yes, I know there is, I mean I do realize there are chocolate chip cookies, brownies, hot fudge ice cream sundaes and a million other “chocolate” yummies!  At the moment though, I have a chocolate cake sitting on my kitchen counter and I don’t have any of the other chocolate goodies.  Now every time I walk in the kitchen that cake is looking at me and calling my name.  What’s a girl to do?  Fortunately, we have had a few teenage boys in the house that have taken control of that unruly cake!  As I work towards new and healthier eating habits, testing of my new habits is to be expected.  Learning to have a very small piece is better for me than to completely deny myself. You do have to learn if you can have just small piece and be satisfied, of if you are someone who once starts eating…you just keep going until the whole cake is gone.  Learn what works for you.  Dieting is not just about eating right today, it is about making good choices that you can live with the rest of  your life.  In my overall picture I know I wouldn’t want to leave chocolate cake out of my life so I will be happy with a very small piece…it is one small step for me…

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