• 07Nov

    When you pick up  hamburger do you think about how much it weighs?  Probably not and I usually don’t but today was different.  I  was at Costco and of course everything you buy there is in a bulk package.  I picked up a package of their lean ground meat and looked at the weight label.  It was just a little over five pounds…that is how much I have lost using Isagenix!  When I saw how much meat was in the package and I pictured that plastered all over my body, well really just my stomach and rear end, and I really wasn’t thinking of the meat plastered on me but the lumpy, bumpy, squishy fat that I have lost!  When you have a visual of the weight you have lost, it is really eye opening!  Next time you are out and about looking at ground meat, pick up one pound, two pounds, three pounds, etc…you can really start seeing what you are “packing around” on you body!!!

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