• 04Nov

    My goodness, it seems like so much of my life revolves around FOOD. When we get together with friends, when we get together with family, when we are out shopping, when we are playing games, when we are watching TV (duh), etc. etc. everyone wants to know where we are going to eat, or what we are going to have and of course, what time are we going to eat!!!    I know it is fun to get together and share calories but is there anything else you can do?  Why does it always have to revolve around food?  This is written more out of frustration than anything….UGH.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love to eat and share a meal or snack with others BUT when you are trying to loose weight, I guess it just becomes a glaring reality of how much our lives are focused on food.  AND now for the worst part…I am not offering solutions (wish I was)  just a sympathetic  ear with a dose of understanding on the difficulties in our dieting day.  🙂

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