• 14Aug

    No, not the goal post on a football field, this is my diet goal that I am posting.  I have been thinking through what I want from my diet and exercise.  That would include a healthier diet with more fruits and veggies and an exercise schedule that fits me.  I have developed my  course of action from the multitude of books and videos that I have read or seen over the past twenty years.   My goal would be to provide my family of five a healthier meal plan and one that my kids can take into their own lives after leaving the nest.  That would include more veggies and fruit with less emphasis on meat.  It does plan for OCCASIONAL treats.  We have become accustomed to many treats of high fat, high calorie and little nutritional value for a long time. This will be a major change for us!!  Replacing cookies or cake with healthier choices will be a new frontier.  I hope to encourage my kids to find healthy meal recipes and GREAT desserts.  Of course, from my diet goal of healthier eating, I am counting on loosing a few pounds!  Tomorrow, I will post my  exercise goals………

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