• 22Sep

    Oh, that’s right, THAT  is the diet I have been on!  That is why I have gained weight!  Our society is an indulgent one.  We naturally want more of everything…money,  love, time off, respect, cars, houses, vacation time, clothes  and yes, food. Since this site is about dieting, let’s talk about food!  In the food department we want one more serving,  free refills, two for one, supersize,  megasize, jumbosize and curly fries (how did that get in.)  All this leads to our larger size body!!!!!  Let’s stop this  indulge till you bulge.  It is ok to have a small drink, it is ok to have a small plate of food,  it is ok to not have a refill, it is ok to say “no thank you I don’t need more,”  and it is ok to say no to your self!  In fact, if you want to be different, say no to your selfish desire for more…….

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