• 24Sep

    Stress is a part of life!  This generation acts if stress were a new phenomenon but the truth be told, stress showed up shortly after we humans were put here on earth.  Since this is a website about dieting and food, I will be using the food example.  We don’t have to hunt (nothing like trying to get a full grown buffalo onto your plate), grow (did I mention weather can play a factor into whether I have food or NOT), or gather (getting the  garden to my table would be easier if  the “neighbors” would stop invading and trying to kill me) our food like our ancestors did.  To fill our refrigerator we drive (that can be  an adventure in itself), go into the store (where we are met with millions of choices and decisions, organic?, skim?, no fat or low fat?, trans fat? the lists could go on forever), find a way to pay for our goodies (yikes, now there is a stessor), deal with the cashier (that just decided she was ready to go home), and then you get to do the drive thing back to home (boy, there are some rude drivers out there).  So you can see that both instances had stress!  Yes, stress has been around for quite some time and will continue to be as long as we are alive. Our decision on how to handle the stress is up to us.  Food cannot save us from stress even if it is labeled “comfort food.”  It is a very temporary fix and we need another fix rather quickly.

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