• 19Nov

    Isagenix is the second diet review!  I am thinking I need to come up with some standard question and answer format but since I haven’t done that…we will proceed with what I got!!!!!  The Isagenix benefits are ease and simplicity (and you know I am all about simple).  The program is easy to follow because the only additional thing you prepare at breakfast and dinner is your shake, lunch is a salad or sandwich.  It is so nice to make my family a regular meal and not have to prepare another meal for myself!  So the big bonus is the simplicity.  Plus this diet leaves you feeling good!  The drawbacks for Isagenix are the taste of the Vanilla shake is horrible (personal opinion) and they recommend using a blender (not always handy or available).  I did order the Chocolate shake this time and I like it better than the vanilla.  For me, hunger was not an issue at all…but sometimes you just want to sink you teeth into some real food. The costs sounds like quite a bit (around $175 for two weeks) but it is is fairly inclusive, other than you lunches.  So when the cost is broken down on a per meal basis, it is reasonable for diet food!  All in all this diet is easy to follow, helps you get over cravings and encourages good choices after you end the program.  It does have some shake “taste” issues but that is a small price to pay for weight loss!

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