• 25Oct

    A new day, a new diet!  I will give my wrap up of my thoughts on the South Beach Supercharged in the next few days BUT today is the start of a new diet!  This one was picked in a less than scientific way…I have used this product before and know it works for me…someone who is now in hormone raging, mood swinging, unseasonably warm, everythings’ a changin’, bulges in new body locations….and it has a name that would be more appropriate for MEN!  Yes, it is that time, perimenopause!  Now, I know I said I wouldn’t be doing any fad diets and this may appear as one when you first hear about it.  It is called Isagenix.  I used it four years ago with great results.  Great results for me are weight loss 🙂 and the urge to eat all junk food in sight was gone!  I felt incredibly good at that point, too.  At this point, my hormones are raging far more than four years ago and I just like to see if Isagenix helps.  I’ll give you the run down of this tomorrow…

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