• 31Oct

    This is just a little recap of the South Beach Supercharged that I did a few weeks ago.  This is my personal opinion, so take it as such, as I have two friends who used this diet with great results.  What I liked about the diet was some of the recipes (this was a love/hate relationship) stretched me out of my usual fare and had me trying new things.  I like the diet has snacks planned in and I like the exercise program he has created for this diet…not to hard but gets you out there movin’ the mass!   Now what I didn’t like.  The diet had some unusual recipes that my family wouldn’t touch if it was drenched in chocolate!  I also found that buying for five people could be somewhat expensive on some of the items.  Yes, I know he says you are buying quality food and not junk but it still adds up.  I would say I spent around an extra ten dollars per person per week…doesn’t sound like alot but over the months it would add up.  Also, I told you I personally don’t use artificial sugar substitutes and this diet relies heavily on them from diet drinks to meal prep to almost all desserts.  Uh, I think  you already know I was tired of eggs after the first week and I missed bread.  Overall, I think the South Beach is a good diet and really encourages you to stay off the carb/sugar  wagon that can wreck havoc with your blood sugar and the exercise program should be doable for most.

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