• 22Oct

    This Phase 2 is much better for me!!!!  There is alot more variety and having a little bread make me a happy camper!  I was at the grocery store and of course I was confronted by the maple frosted donuts….I realize they will always be a favorite of mine.  Fortunately I had enough smarts about me to stay as far away from them as I possibly could…you know how the dastardly little donuts can jump right out of the case into your hands…well I didn’t let them have a chance!!  Well, if the truth be told, there was a little girl picking out her donut and I would have had to shove her out of the way to get mine….I should have bought her donut because she kept me from eating my way through the donut case!  I should pay her to go to the store with me and stand in front of the case…

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