• 23Oct

    Day 13 of my  captivity…oops, of course I mean day 13 of the lovely, tasty South Beach.  Well, let’s cut to the chase.  I am ready to move on to another diet.  I guess I am just way to plain Jane for all the fancy foods on this diet, it must be my midwest roots.  I will stick this out until Sunday but am anxiously awaiting our next diet adventure….you can be sure I will be checking to see if  bread and fruit are on the menu from day 1!!!  Also, since I am not a big fan of artificial sugar and half of the South Beach is artificial sugar…I will be looking much closer at the menus!  I am working on a chart to break down each of the diets I use.  Just for everyone (or the one person who reads my blog) I do have a friend who has used to the South Beach Diet with great success but she doesn’t like bread to begin with (which is great when we are out to dinner, as I am more than happy to eat her share:)

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