• 28Oct

    I am enjoying the ease of the Isagenix program!  I am still able to make my family a regular meal and then I have my shake or cleanse when they sit down for the meal.  I know this program is not for everyone but it is simple and easy to follow.   I have had several people ask ask about what happens when you finish.  Obviously, I haven’t finished the 9 day plan this time but I can tell you about last time.  Isagenix encourages fruits and veggies as optional snack choices and they can be added to the shakes (you do need to remember  the fruit does add calories).  I found when I had finished the program my desire for  sugar and starches was almost gone…and if you know me that is huge!!!!  My body actually craved fruits, veggies and peanut butter (hmmm).  I had lost 9 lbs and kept it off for over a year.  My big mistake was slowly letting so much junk food creep back in…and this hormone thing!  Just looking at a picture of Paula Deen yummies puts a couple of pounds on me!  So I am hoping my love of all things sugar will be diminished this time as well…as I would like to loose my 10 lbs of sugar…

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