• 26Oct

    Well, here’s the scoop on Isagenix….and you will have an actual scoop in your Isagenix shake powder!   You can check out Isagenix at www.Isagenix.com but I will give you a little run down.  I did well on this program a few years ago and I think it is because I can cook regular meals for my family and I am able to use the shakes as a meal replacement for myself.  How much that goes into my mouth is already determined with the shakes!!!  Lunches are easy for me because I am happy with a salad or half a sandwich….hence, a sensible meal.  There are many other shakes on the market for diet and meal replacement but I have only used Isagenix so that is what I am familiar with.  The 9 day plan is simple: shake for breakfast, sensible lunch and shake for dinner.  They have little wafers that you take with each meal and as a snack in between meals…uh, they call them snacks but they are really just little wafers that I would NOT call a snack.  They are something for your mouth, though.  Four days of the nine day program are for cleansing.  Cleansing on Isagenix is drinking a liquid drink they have made just for cleansing.  On your cleanse days that is what you drink at each meal along with one of those wafer things….the purpose of the cleanse is not to starve yourself but to help your body cleanse itself.  As hard as it is,  the  two days at the beginning and two days at the end….I do feel better after cleansing.  Maybe it is the break my body gets from digesting all the food I eat.  They have two programs: a 9 day and a 30 day program.  I have only done the 9 day and am not familiar with the 30.  This is only the second day and I feel better already…it is amazing how much better I feel when I am not overeating!  On a side not I am still working on my wrap up of the South Beach Supercharged…

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