• 26Sep

    Wouldn’t it be great if calories had the weekend off?   You wake up Saturday morning and head out to coffee with half and half and a couple of donuts, lunch could be a sandwich WITH chips followed by some cookies and dinner could be cheesecake followed by a chicken friend steak!  Wow, am I dreaming.  Not only did I not want calories, I obviously was hoping the fat was also on holiday.  Since, the above is not reality 🙁 we need another option.  I find there is not really any foods I want to completely give up (although I will voluntarily give up LIVER.)  How about sharing?  Yes, instead of eating the whole thing myself, I can split.  My hubby and two of our kids went for pizza.  Pizza is a natural share (I held myself to one piece), hubs and I shared a wonderful salad and to top things off, the four of us had a piece of  Carmel Apple Cheesecake!  Yum.  When four people share one slice of cheesecake, we each had a couple of heavenly bites but didn’t send my calorie count through the roof!  I am learning to savor a few bites!

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