• 20Oct

    Aaahhhh!  I didn’t know oatmeal could taste soooo goood!  Yes, I was able to have oatmeal for breakfast because I started Phase 2 of the SBS.  Yes, I only did Phase 1 for one week but I want to be able to give you a better view of the overall diet.  Since I am trying each diet for two weeks, I decided to move on to the second phase.  Dr. Agatston states  you either love Phase 1 or you hate it…I wouldn’t say I hate it but I am really tired of eggs!  The addition of a little bread and fruit in Phase 2  today has been a huge bonus!  Of course it doesn’t appear that my favorite breakfast food will ever be added to the book – frosted maple donuts!  YUM YUM Life without donuts….what’s your weakness?

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