• 14Jan

    No, this isn’t a healthy snack break, this is the kind of break from blogging because of health.  For the past six or so months I had noticed several symptoms that I associated with perimenopause.  After developing a few additional symptoms plus feeling pretty lousy, I contacted my Dr.  Of course, with Christmas and New Years sandwiched in between all of this, I didn’t get answers or results as quickly…and even now we don’t have all the answers.  At the moment it appears I have hypothyroidism…uh, which leads to WEIGHT GAIN!!  Nothing like being a good girl in the world of food, calories, exercise, etc. AND GAINING WEIGHT.  I mean it is one thing to gain weight when you are enjoying the cookies and cake but it is another to be eating carrots and celery AND gaining weight.  Needless to say, my frustration levels have been extremely high and on top of that, I feel  yucky.  I really miss everyone and have decided to  just keep plugging away with my diet reviews…although don’t know what results there may be.  Please bear with me….