• 16May

    I am a dieting professional!  No, I DON”T  have a degree in any kind of nutrition, diet, exercise or health (well, I take that back, I’m a dental  hygienist) but I have a wealth of everyday, user friendly, 49 years of life experience!  I have been a witness to what works and what doesn’t from my personal experience and from seeing friends who have used different approaches.   I am not your Doctor!  Your Doctor is your first weight loss go to!  My hope for this website is to be a ray of encouragement with a little humor thrown in.  Maybe you could visit this site instead of eating that bag of chips!!!  BUT I don’t want you to sit here and eat those chips!  HA

    Well, with that out of the way, let me tell you about myself.  I love to eat so any “diet” I am going to do, needs to have real food!  I am a Christian, married to the same man for almost 23 years (I  love my husband more now than 23 years ago!), have two teenagers and a 21 year old (yes, I love my kids and having teenagers but time is going way to fast) and to complete our family, we added a cat.  Jack the cat is a British Shorthair (I never  thought I would have a “breed” of cat, I thought cats just showed up at your door and moved in)  but after taking my Mom’s cat for his regular vet checkup, Jack’s picture was on the “need a new home board.”  His first family was out of town alot and Jack had to stay at the cat hotel quite often.  We were the 5th family to interview for him!  And they picked us! He has now been with us for five years and instead of being left at the cat hotel, he travels with us in our motorhome.  He has over 50,000 miles under his fur belt. He is starting his own blog of cat life at home and on the road and yes I will put a link to his website once it is up and running!  Aside from caring for my great family and the cat, I enjoy cooking, entertaining, the home decorating blog world, crafting and RVing.  One last note, I am also the daughter of a Mom with Alzheimers.  I have cared  for her for the last 10 years as my Dad passed away 14 years ago.  I wouldn’t want it any other way but caring for someone is definitely hard work!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my mini autobiography!