• 21Aug

    I know the way I should eat but I don’t! UGH! It is like smoking, we know that it is bad for you but many still continue to puff away.  Isn’t it amazing that we know the right thing and choose not to do it.  How different our world would be if we chose to make good choices in ALL that we do…including our food choices.

  • 20Aug

    Each and everyday I make choices in many different areas of my life.  Each of these choices can have a profound affect on my later choices.  If I make wise life choices, I reap those benefits by having a happier more peaceful life.  These same principles also work for food.  I can choose to fuel my body with good, healthy food or I can make the choice of foods with poor nutritional quality and quantity.   If I choose the later, there will be consequences to face for my poor food choices.  The diet industry so many times doesn’t make me responsible for my choices…it tries to blame the food.  My poor choices may come in the form of being overweight which then places me at a higher risk for a whole host of health problems.  I am fortunate to be able to make a choice…I now need to choose wisely.