• 08Oct

    The process of reviewing the diet books has begun!  Wooohoooo!  The problem is which diet to start with!!!  I want to devote time to each diet to review it and that obviously takes time. (Although most of us are looking for the diet that we can loose 50 lbs. in two days:-)  Each of the books wants to be the ONE to get my first diet review.  Since, I do need to pick one, I will do it scientifically.   I will lay each of the diet books on the kitchen counter and while my son is study chemistry (science) I will have him close his eyes and pick a book…and the great scientific diet process works again!!!!   I will let you know the results of the highly secret, scientific diet book results tomorrow…

  • 20Sep

    After yesterday’s post about overeating, I have made a conscious effort to reduce my food intake.  This includes Cheetos!  Oh, those cheesy little puffs that just melt in your mouth.  Ok, they are definitely not a healthy choice but instead of eating an entire bag, I ate five.  Yes, at this moment I am counting them out, so I am aware of what’s going in.   I realize giving up food I like is not a long term, sustainable diet.  If it is going to become part of my lifestyle I need to include  small portions of the food I like…now that’s a diet I can live with:)

  • 14Sep

    Ok, I have just now seen Julie and Julia for the second time.  I really like the movie but I have questions.  We are told to limit our fat intake, beef intake, butter intake, etc.  How did Julia and Paul live into their 90’s eating all that “wrong” food?  You know butter, eggs, duck beef, etc.   Most important, they were happy eating and enjoying all that glorious food!!!!  I don’t think Julia Child would like many of the “diets” out there!   She wanted us servantless Americans to learn how to cook.  If I am going to cook, it would only make sense,  I am going to eat it!

  • 13Sep

    I think about this blog so often.  I know it sounds ridiculous but  I really like having a place to come and “talk out” my dieting frustrations.  It helps me sort out my thoughts and keep moving on.  This is my online home.  I hope if you visit you feel welcome and want to come back.  I’m glad you’re here:)  Maybe as I muddle through I will be able to encourage others on their diet journey…

  • 10Sep

    I really need to think about what goes into my mouth!  It is so easy for me to just eat and not be aware of what is going into my mouth.  Most snack foods are so easy to pick up with my hand and just shove in my mouth,  many times I am not aware of what I just ate.   I need to use my mind over my mouth….isn’t that interesting that my “mind” is  above my mouth in my physical body.  I need to “think” about what is going in…

  • 09Sep

    Many diets today require you to purchase special foods for their diet.  That can be good if you can convince your family they too need to eat this way but many times they flat out refuse!!!  The one good piece of advice most diets recommend is to drink water.  If you drink plain water instead of diet colas, diet powdered drinks, diet add to your water drinks, etc…they can add up to a small fortune.  Just going to plain water with a slice of lemon, lime or orange is a cheap drink that is good for you and good for the wallet.

  • 08Sep

    I HAVE FINALLY UPDATED BY BIOGRAPHY!  IF YOU HAVE A MOMENT CHECK IT OUT!  My favorite “diet” drink is Chick Fil A iced tea!  I do like sweetened tea (being a bit of a Southern girl) but I use stevia.  I don’t mind the taste and it is supposed to be a natural sweetener, doesn’t raise your blood sugar and is good for the intestinal tract.  I like my tea with lemon but you need to add your sweetener before you add the lemon…I don’t understand the “chemistry” of it but I do know it works best to add the sweet before the sour:)

  • 07Sep

    It’s Labor Day here in America!  I don’t get this holiday…shouldn’t you be going to your job today and laboring?  I guess Labor Day is really Laborless Day!  But THANKS  to all the people who do work today to provide us with food, health care and safety in our communities and OUR country!!!  I also know that you didn’t stop by here to check out my opinion of our National Holidays soooo….Today, instead of focusing on what I don’t get to eat…I will choose to think about the abundant choices and bounty of foods I can eat!  We are so blessed with so much that we take it for granted!  So many in the world are hungry.  Instead of buying that junk food I don’t need, I have decided to start “saving” that money I would have spent on the junk food and put it in a jar to give to those who are literally starving.  The money can be spent on filling the tummy of someone in need and not my ever expanding tummy which does NOT need a bag of cookies, chips, candy bars, etc:)

  • 03Sep

    I am constantly amazed how many diets are gracing the cover of most magazines at the grocery checkout counter!   It seems like every food out there is turned into a diet in and of itself.  I knew they were getting desperate when I saw the Cookie Diet. Now the diet industry has imported all kinds of exotic sounding drinks that will “help you loose weight.”  How is it we have all these diets and so many overweight people?   Is your “diet” making you fat?  I find when I am on a diet, all I think about is food!   Slowly this is all coming together in my mind….the how to diet, diet!  Hmmm

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  • 31Aug

    The food battle I am fighting doesn’t start in the kitchen, the grocery store, the restaurant, or the secret hidden stash of goodies, my food battle picks its first fight in the battleground of my mind!