• 25Sep

    Thursday afternoon!   Wooooohooooo!  It is my one afternoon that I have around two hours to just stroll through stores by myself (yes, that means hubby and kids are occupied).  Normally, it is fun to just wander and go to the stores I want to go to…..you know, antique stores, junky stores, cutesy stores or the bookstore!  All are fun to meander aimlessly through.  BUT yesterday every store I went into was offering FREE FOOD!  My goodness, I didn’t know I was stepping into a danger zone.  I am not talking about carrots and celery, I am talking monster sugar cookies. chocolate covered cherries, chocolate chip cookies and free pretzels.  I wish I could say I resisted their advances but there was just to many of them….the giant sugar cookie won!  I must reorganize and set up a new battle plan for sneak attacks from the enemy…….because what “free food” really means is the food is free to go to my hips, tummy or thighs….Ugh.  Hope your battle plans are holding!

  • 11Sep

    I have noticed that most snack foods are easily eaten without a fork or spoon.  These foods are easy to pop in my mouth and I hardly know I have eaten  a thing!  So not only have I eaten junk, I am unaware of what I just did.  Interestingly, many of these  snack foods are  also lacking in the nutrition department, too.  Cookies, chips, crackers, ice cream sandwiches, frozen treats, drive thru burgers, fries, sodas, etc. are some of the culprits that can take a toll on my diet success. They can become diet saboteurs!   Once again I need to use my mind to become aware of what I am eating!  Mind over matter, with the matter being junk food that hinders weight loss.

  • 07Sep

    It’s Labor Day here in America!  I don’t get this holiday…shouldn’t you be going to your job today and laboring?  I guess Labor Day is really Laborless Day!  But THANKS  to all the people who do work today to provide us with food, health care and safety in our communities and OUR country!!!  I also know that you didn’t stop by here to check out my opinion of our National Holidays soooo….Today, instead of focusing on what I don’t get to eat…I will choose to think about the abundant choices and bounty of foods I can eat!  We are so blessed with so much that we take it for granted!  So many in the world are hungry.  Instead of buying that junk food I don’t need, I have decided to start “saving” that money I would have spent on the junk food and put it in a jar to give to those who are literally starving.  The money can be spent on filling the tummy of someone in need and not my ever expanding tummy which does NOT need a bag of cookies, chips, candy bars, etc:)

  • 01Sep

    I have noticed when I walk into the kitchen certain foods have the ability to speak!  Now the carrots and celery are pretty mum but those cookies and chips are always calling for me!!!!

  • 31Aug

    The food battle I am fighting doesn’t start in the kitchen, the grocery store, the restaurant, or the secret hidden stash of goodies, my food battle picks its first fight in the battleground of my mind!

  • 11Aug

    Food cannot:

    1. cure loneliness

    2. remove anxiety or worry

    3. heal a broken heart

    4. prevent or stop anger

    5. fix a marriage

    6. repair relationships

    7. find a job (unless you are  a chef:)

    8. find the perfect mate

    9, 10, ….fill in the blanks with whatever your emotions or circumstances are…unless you are starved, food cannot fix it!

  • 07Aug

    It seems to me everyone is on a diet or about to start one! There is no shortage of magazine, book or video diets…but who is there to help after you purchased the product?