• 22Aug

    I feel your diet pain:)  I am your dieting friend. I know how hard it is…

  • 13Aug

    This is a novel idea!  EAT HALF YOUR NORMAL PORTION.   If you eat just half of what you normaly eat, i.e. half sandwich, half your piece of chicken, etc., the other half would be available to eat at the following meal or for a meal the next day.  This saves time, money and CALORIES!

  • 11Aug

    Food cannot:

    1. cure loneliness

    2. remove anxiety or worry

    3. heal a broken heart

    4. prevent or stop anger

    5. fix a marriage

    6. repair relationships

    7. find a job (unless you are  a chef:)

    8. find the perfect mate

    9, 10, ….fill in the blanks with whatever your emotions or circumstances are…unless you are starved, food cannot fix it!