• 14Sep

    Ok, I have just now seen Julie and Julia for the second time.  I really like the movie but I have questions.  We are told to limit our fat intake, beef intake, butter intake, etc.  How did Julia and Paul live into their 90’s eating all that “wrong” food?  You know butter, eggs, duck beef, etc.   Most important, they were happy eating and enjoying all that glorious food!!!!  I don’t think Julia Child would like many of the “diets” out there!   She wanted us servantless Americans to learn how to cook.  If I am going to cook, it would only make sense,  I am going to eat it!

  • 09Sep

    Many diets today require you to purchase special foods for their diet.  That can be good if you can convince your family they too need to eat this way but many times they flat out refuse!!!  The one good piece of advice most diets recommend is to drink water.  If you drink plain water instead of diet colas, diet powdered drinks, diet add to your water drinks, etc…they can add up to a small fortune.  Just going to plain water with a slice of lemon, lime or orange is a cheap drink that is good for you and good for the wallet.