• 09Nov

    Oh, the weekend!  For some it is probably easier to diet on the weekends, for others (myself included) the weekend is much harder to stay the course.  Having invited friends over  this weekend is great….you know food, fun and fellowship.   The downside is sticking with my diet.  When you invite people in to your home it would seem like an easy task to fix a diet friendly meal…yea, right!  I made a cake that I am in complete submission too!  The icing on this cake can conquer my female willpower even on my strongest of willpower days!  Do you have any of those “diet destroyers” in your house?  Of course, the “evil” cake has met its doom or in reality, that would be it has met my doomed derriere!  So for the next day or two, I am going to stay with Isagenix.  I have already picked a new diet to follow and will introduce it to you tomorrow.  So with it being Monday, let’s start fresh and  get back into the Battle of the Bulges (yes, that is plural because bulges don’t happen in just one body location)