• 11Sep

    I have noticed that most snack foods are easily eaten without a fork or spoon.  These foods are easy to pop in my mouth and I hardly know I have eaten  a thing!  So not only have I eaten junk, I am unaware of what I just did.  Interestingly, many of these  snack foods are  also lacking in the nutrition department, too.  Cookies, chips, crackers, ice cream sandwiches, frozen treats, drive thru burgers, fries, sodas, etc. are some of the culprits that can take a toll on my diet success. They can become diet saboteurs!   Once again I need to use my mind to become aware of what I am eating!  Mind over matter, with the matter being junk food that hinders weight loss.

  • 02Sep

    When I have a snack attack, I find that eating a tablespoon of organic peanut butter helps me resist the cookie jar.  Maybe it is because my mouth is all gummed up from the peanut butter:)  If I want some crunch I spread some on a piece of celery.