• 02Oct

    Do you need to exercise to loose weight?  No!  To loose weight you need to consume less calories than it takes to haul your carcass around each day.   Less calories = less  body.  Now that”s a number I can live with!  It sounds so simple but actually giving up those calories is alot harder than it sounds! (I have a hard time giving up maple frosted donuts but I can’t eat just a bite of those!) It is easy to make the assumption that we have to exercise to loose weight but if we exercise and consume MORE calories than we burn, we will still gain weight even though we exercised!  I did boot camp a few years ago and gained weight!  Yes, I was burning 500 calories an hour and gained weight!  I felt I could eat “extra” calories because I had worked so hard. So I am not surprised when I  hear some people  eat more when they are physically active.   Am I advocating you don’t exercise?  No, I believe exercise is a PART of a healthy lifestyle.  I think there are many benefits to exercise…especially as we age.  We each need to find what  physical activity we enjoy that can become part of our lifestyle.  BUT you can loose weight without exercise!

  • 21Sep

    Ok, I have a what if.  What if I could help you loose weight AND feed a hungry child…would you be interested?  Most diets focus on us, we could focus on them (hungry children.)  What if we started focusing on helping to feed them instead of feeding our expanding tummy!  My hubby and I  support an organization that helps feed families around the world but in these economic times, giving is down.  Instead of one person trying to come up with the 30-40 dollars a month to feed a child, what if we could each contribute just a small amount?  I would love to help you with loosing weight and you could help me, too.  We could be diet buddies that help each other and also be focused on something bigger than just ourselves!  I will work on getting more info up in the coming days…..